Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Let’s say you’re using a free WordPress theme and your blog is kind a difficult to read but you know there is something wrong with the font.  The font seem too small; it’s not really really small but it’s small enough to make your readers fall to sleep easily, even yourself, you don’t like it.

After browsing browsing browsing, you’re unable finding anywhere to fix.  Don’t panic.  There is nothing impossible, just go to change the font size in the current theme which you’re using.

In general, just go to change size of the font in your theme editor.  Here is what you need to do.

  1. Login your administration account.
  2. Go to Appearance and then go to Editor.
  3. Go to Stylesheet (stylesheet.css), usually after click on Editor, the screen shows up is Stylesheet file.
  4. Now just go to locate “font-size” and increase to whatever size you want.
    Usually, just change “font-size” at html or body section, that’s enough.  If you don’t want to increase font size of the entire blog, you can change section by section, for examples, widget section, header section, footer section,… but you need extra time to locate them and then increase to whatever size you want.  You can have difference size for each location of your blog, for examples, header section 30px, sidebar 10px, footer section 9px, content section to 20px,…
  5. Don’t forget click Save to save your hardwork.


That’s all you have to do.

Done.  Now, your readers will happy with your blog and come back more often.

About’s theme, the original font-size of html was 100.1% and it made my eyes fall to sleep so I changed it to 130.1% and it’s look fine and bright and everybody happy with it.

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