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Addon domain problem: 

Addon Domains

Remove an Addon Domain

You do not have control of the domain “”.



Login WHM (not cpanel)

Go to the section of DNS Functions.  Here you can delete or add a domain.

In my case, somehow, I deleted my domain in WHM but not from cpanel, then I tried to delete it in cpanel later b/c when I deleted it from WHM, it still presented in cpanel.  Later, I decided installing that domain on this server; I tried to point DNS from where my domain belonging but unsuccessful.

Finally, I went to WHM [WHMDNS Functions – Edit DNS Zone] and searched the list to see whether this domain is there or not.  It was not there, so I add it from there.

Now, I went to Add DNS Zone to add a domain.  At Domain Information and under Domain Selection, I filled out Ip and Domain, then went all the way to the bottom of the screen and cl…icked on the button Add Zone.  Now my site active then I continued moving the site from old server to new ones.



  • WHM – DNS Functions – Edit DNS Zone ……. list of domains where you can edit dns zone for individual domain.
  • WHM – DNS Functions – Add a Dns Zone …….. where add dns zone for a domain.
  • WHM – DNS Functions – Delete a DNS Zone ……. where can delete DNS zone of any domain in the list.

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