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Database and WordPress

  • Error establishing a database connection in WordPress – Detail
  • Error establishing a database connection – Detail
  • Error while connecting to MySQL: Cpanel::DBI::Mysql connect(”,’root’,…) failed – Detail
  • Table ‘….phpbb_ext’ doesn’t exist [1146]Detail
  • How to replace a text which appears in many posts of your blog (WordPress blog)? – phpMyAdmin – Detail
  • How to repair your WordPress database which getting bugs – Detail
  • How can I can dump such a large database – Detail
  • How to read this site in your language? – Detail

WordPress Themes

  • Tips About WordPress Twenty Twelve Theme – Detail
  • How to edit your WordPress theme to redirect 404 error page back to the homepage? – Detail
  • How to redirect 404 pages to homepage in WordPress? – Detail

WordPress Plugins

  • How to open an external link in new window using the plugins?
    – Open in New Window Plugin – Detail
  • How to open an external site of WordPress blog in new window using the plugins?
    – WordPress plugin – Detail
  • How to set Post Index plugin to index the entire of the blog – Detail
  • What to do if my WordPress blog is slow? – Detail

Make Money Blogging

  • How to make money from your blog – Detail

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

  • How to display an image on the left or the right of the article? – CSS Float – Detail
  • CSS Cheat Sheet: Text – Detail

Server, Virtual Private Server,..

  • The current value for this field is invalid. You must update it… Detail
  • How to Fix Addon Domains Error (VPS)
    Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS servers associated with this server… Detail
    Could not determine the nameserver IP addresses for “…. Detail
    You do not have control of the domain “”Detail
  • How to move from this VPS to another VPS? – WHM – Detail
  • Virtual Private Server, WHM, cPanel,… info. – Detail
  • How many hosting companies are there in the internet? – Detail
  • What is the best web hosting provider? – Detail
  • How many types of hosting? – Detail
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