Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

You know what?  I was so boring today.  Finally, I came up something to write about.  They kind a boring too but …

  1. If my children decide to go to computer science or any IT fields, what advice will I give to them?
  2. Why many people choose to do odd jobs, especially women, instead of getting a job in the IT field which they have degrees?
  3. Is it true that you must be a math person in order to study in the IT field?
  4. Why an IT degree person couldn’t get a job in the IT field?
  5. How comes a person without degree in the IT field could get a computer programming job, for example, a person who had a degree in the psychology?
  6. Is it true that you are an excellent IT student when your G.P.A. is 3.5 and up?
  7. Why are so many women stay away from the IT field?
  8. Is it true that U.S. shorting people in the IT, science,… fields?
  9. In U.S., should we force our kids studying math and science and ignoring the rest of others?
  10. Is it true that you graduated with an honor (3.7+ G.P.A) in high school and earned AP Calculus college credits after passing an AP exam and then become an excellent computer science/IT student in the college?
  11. Is it true a person who is holding a job in computer science/IT field is smart, honesty, and math person and was an excellent student?
  12. Is it hard to study in IT field?
  13. Is it easy to get a job in IT field?
  14. Will you make $50K annually after graduating?
  15. Is it worth going for IT career? (job secure, salary/money, health,…)

Most of them are based on real life.

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