Tue. May 21st, 2024

Accessing dedicated server using WHM
https://ipaddress:2087/ (where ipaddress is server’s IP address).

2 ways to access the WHM control panel
1. Log in to the Hosting Control Center and then click the Launch cPanel icon
2. Go to https://ipaddress:2087/ (where ipaddress is your server’s IP address.)

2 ways to access cPanel using WebHost Manager
1. Log in to WHM, go to Account Information then List Accounts and then click on the cPanel icon next to the domain you want to manage
2. Go to the URL: http://coolexample.com/cpanel (where coolexample.com is your domain name)

What is cPanel?
– is an easy-to-use interface for managing the hosting account.
– can upload files, add email addresses, create databases and customize your hosting account after creating an account in WHM.

Addon Domains: Addon Domain Addition
“You are not allowed to add more than 0 addon domains. The domain was not setup.”
Solution 1: In WHM, at left hand side column, PackagesEdit the package, click on the name of the package you want to set up, click Edit.  By default: Max Parked Domains and Max Addon Domains are set to 0, so just enter the number of the max you allow to have or change to Unlimited.
Solution 2: edit the account from WHM (WHM Main,  Account Functions, Modify an Account and then set Max Parked Domains and Max Addon Domains)

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