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Open in New Window Plugin is created by Keith P. Graham. It allows the user open an outside link in new window without leaving your site. It’s not bad so far as I know. I did use it at one of my site. You can view my site to see how it work here then click on “Cooking Videos”, you’ll see how it works.

Okay, now I will state how you can get, install, setup this plugin.

How to get and install “Open in New Window Plugin” plugin

Install “Open in New Window Plugin” at your administrative plugin screen:

  1. Login to Administration account ==> PLUGINS ==>SEARCH ==> type words “open in new window” ==> pick the plugin “Open in New Window Plugin”, make sure to pick the one has the word “Keith P.Graham” in the plugin’s description at the right hand side column.
  2. When the new screen of the plugin open, click INSTALL ==> ACTIVATE IT.

Install “Open in New Window Plugin” at from WordPress’s Plugins site:

  1. Visit site ==> click on “PLUGINS” ==> at the SEARCH PLUGINS window, type the phrase “Open in New Window Plugin” ==> usually it shows the topmost; if not, pick the one has “Keith P. Graham” in the description.  Now this plugin window opens, all information about this plugin is provided.  You might go direct to the plugin by
  2. Now, click DOWNLOAD VERSION…, usually it’s located top right ==> SAVE IT.
  3. Now go to log in you administration account, then go to PLUGINS ==> click ADD PLUGIN ==> BROWSE, pick the plugin you just downloaded ==> then ACTIVATE IT.

How to setup “Open in New Window Plugin” plugin

  2. if you want to open PDF, MP3, image, archives, video in a new window then unchecked “Open file types such as PDF, MP3, images, archives and video in a new window:” ==> click SAVE CHANGES
P.S.: written by BannetBay
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