Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Step #1: Open mydatabase.sql
Just calculate how many lines between 2 “INSERT INTO… VALUE

Step #2: Open bigdump.php file
Change define from 300 to 800
define ('MAX_QUERY_LINES', 800);
//How many lines may be considered to be one query (except text lines)

Step #3: Then start run “bigdump.php” file again.


Notes:  If it stops again, go back to that line and find the number of lines between two “INSERT INTO… VALUE”; re-change the define line above.


The above image is the result after successful dump my large database file.

*** Remember removing your dump file and bigdump script from server right now.


  • Where to get Bigdump?  Just go to –
  • Who is author of this file? –
  • In case you need text editor to open the large file which our regular text file couldn’t handle it.  I tried to open my large database file in text editor NotePad, but it failed, so I’m using Edit Plus instead.  To get EditPlus executor, just go to  –
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