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What is the best web hosting provider in 2013?

We believe there is no right answer because depend on what type of hosting that person need. Some uses heavy WordPress blog, need to get the hosting provider provides WordPress blog server. We have been testing couples of them. Here are how we experienced.

  1. 1 & 1 with Business package – We just upgraded it from Unlimited package; we don’t see much difference but the site did little faster. The test results: 21.89 sec, 1.47 sec, 4.00 sec
  2. BlueHost with Professional Web Hosting package – We just create a new site there, so we don’t know much. The speed of this new site is 2.73 sec; however, we got 21.38 sec and 2.92 sec when testing again.
  3. Domain Priced Right with Ultimate package – actually, we bought a hosting package from one hosting company who is under Godaddy reseller package, then some how we were moved to Domain Priced Right and that company, now, is no longer available. We tested one of our new site with no viewer or less than 10 viewers and the result was 3.47 sec; then we tested again, the result was 11.91; we tried one more time, it was 5.58 sec.
  4. Godaddy with Ultimate package – It’s seem not really fast when we open our sites; however, the results of testings are 5.19 sec, 1.51 sec, 4.14 sec and 4.03 sec, 1.64 sec, 2.11 sec.


  • We use Vertain for speed testing and it measured with 10 mbps connection.
  • The sites we used to test are new (less than 10 viewers) and regular sites with no video or image hosting.
  • Web sites we used for testing use WordPress blog as an application.
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