Mon. May 20th, 2024

When talking about hosting, people know that hosting is where we pay monthly fee in order to host the websites, but not many of them know that there are bunch of types of hosting services out there…  Okee, here are some of internet hosting services as we known so far.

  • Full featured hosting
    1. Virtual dedicated server
    2. Dedicated hosting service
    3. Colocation web hosting service
    4. Cloud hosing
    5. Home server
  • Web hosting
    1. Shared web hosting service
    2. Free web hosting service
    3. Clustered hosting
    4. Grid hosting
    5. Reseller web hosting
  • Application specific hosting
      Some other types of hosting which web host service providers provide specific areas such as:

    1. Guild hosting
    2. Image hosting
    3. Video hosting
    4. Social network web hosting
    5. Wiki farms
    6. Blog (comments, WordPress, blog cast)
    7. Application
  • Web hosting by content format
    1. File hosting service
    2. Video hosting service
    3. Image hosting service
  • Other web hosting:
    1. Shopping cart software
    2. Email hosting service
    3. Managed hosting service
    4. Game server
    5. DNS
    6. Remote backup
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